Saturday, November 22, 2014

Maggie's new store

Maggie's Dog Collar shop is open :) She's been busy sewing and is hoping to have $500 to give the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska before Christmas. Her online store can be found at...

...she's also planning on setting up shop at Thanksgiving, so if we'll see you Thursday, be warned :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

The dentist and Daddy's bday....

Tuesday was a big day around here. Gracie had her first dentist appointment and it was Arnie's Birthday!

Gracie's been asking when she can go to the dentist for a long time, when the day finally came it didn't seem like such a great idea anymore. I went first and she kept telling the hygienist and I that she didn't need her teeth cleaned anymore, she'd just do it at home. I was a little worried, but when it was her turn she handled it like a champ. She bit the dentist, but in her defense he told her to "bite together". In true Gracie fashion she did it with gusto!

Tuesday night was Arnie's Birthday. The girls and I surprised him with a snowmobile (good thing there was snow on the ground, otherwise we probably would have given him socks and undershirts). The girls LOVE the snowmobile. Maggie is of course cautious and rule following and Gracie just wants to go FASTER!

Everyone needs a super cool helmet.
 Here is what Gracie really wanted to get him.....
 ...I'm not sure he'd of liked it as well. But it sure is cute!

I've started working on a few Christmas projects so the house is a mix of Thanksgiving/Fall decorations and a few Christmas things. It's been to cold to work outside....the other day I had a nail gun on my dining room table....must be genetic. Next week I'll start tossing the pumpkins and pulling out the tree and Christmas stuff. This weather makes me want to turn on the twinkle lights and listen to Christmas music.

Here are a few more pictures...
Pops got a new toy and it was delivered to the office, so last Sunday we went and
rode it around the office. It's pretty fun. Gracie and I tried to buy it from him, but he
said no....can you believe he said no to that sweet little face??

A quick picture of Maggie at her table at school...I love my Wednesdays
in first grade!

Gracie made us lemonade for lunch yesterday....I think maybe she forgot a couple of steps :)
Maggie is working on a new project to help our Animal Shelter. Hopefully she'll be ready to start selling these collars soon. She's been working very hard. We'll keep you posted!

Last Saturday the snow was coming down so pretty! Maggie and I decided to try and take some pictures of Jude...Jude wasn't sure what to think of the snow between her hooves and the cement (she's usually inside or in the mud!) It took a minute of playtime to get her to stop eating snow and cooperate. She and Maggie are quiet a pair......

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Maggie wants to know who invented numbers....and when they did it, why 11 and 12 aren't one teenth and two teenth? Oh ya, and yesterday she brought Animal Farm home from the school library and didn't understand why Arnie and I wouldn't read it to her. She's going to be ready for college soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


How did that happen? It's time to take the Jack-O-Lanterns down and shortly we will replace them with trees and lights :)

It's been business as usual around here. We've had Elsie with us for a few days, which has been lots of fun. She's been SO good and we love having her. At times keeping Gracie from hurting her seems like a full time job :) We sure will miss her when we have to give her back.

Halloween was a little different this year. We've spent every Halloween for as long as I can remember with my cousins (and the rest of the family too). This year, everyone was out of town, so we were on our own. I'd be lying if I said I was a little homesick all day, but we had good time Trick-or-Treating with the girls in Norfolk. It was pretty cold and their was a district football game in town (LOTS of porch lights were off), so we didn't stay out too long.
Elsa, the ladybug and Saige (an American Girl)

The girls took their Jack-O-Lanterns to Grandma and Pop's house since nobody would
see them all the way out at our house.

I let Gracie try gymnastics again this week....she promised she wouldn't throw a fit and gave me several very convincing pleas about how she wanted to go....guess was exactly the same. I reminded her several times that the teacher would still be a boy and she said that was ok, then she saw him and that was it. I made her sit in a chair and watch them for most of the class, "the boy" tried to coax her to join them several times, those attempts always ended in now we're done trying. No more gymnastics for Gracie :(
Here are a few other pictures from the week....
I think Jude likes whatever story she is telling :)

You never know when you might need an umbrella?

Maybe she thought if she closed herself in a horse corral, she'd be safe from Gracie....

.....she was wrong :)

"Mom, my steffoscope might be a little bit cold. Take a deep breath."

hmmmmmmm? maybe we need more furniture.

On Sunday Miss Lauren (and Collin too) came and asked the girls to be
flower girls in their wedding. You can imagine how that went. Maggie was just beside
herself and Gracie ran upstairs and got her silver shoes and told Miss Lauren she had her
fancy shoes ready!

Silly silly gilrs! Thanks to $5 PJ week at Costco they get to be twins!

A year ago I was appointed to the Northeast Community College Board of Governors...Tuesday I was officially elected to retain my seat. My race ended up with 42 write in votes against, next week I'll start hunting down those 42 people  :)

Another safe place to hide from Gracie!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Sometimes things just don't go like you expect them to. Gracie has been asking for months to go to gymnastics. Today was the first day of the new session, she was SO excited. I got all the schedules rearranged so I could drop Maggie off at the barn for a lesson, race across town to the gymnastics building, let Gracie take her class and then go back to the barn for Maggie. It was going to work out perfectly, until....we got to gymnastics and the teacher was a boy! I didn't really think anything of it, but it wasn't going to get by Gracie. She went in and tried to be brave for about 2 minutes, then we had a full on melt down. She wanted to go home, she wanted me to be her teacher, she wanted a girl teacher, and on and on.....I felt bad for her. I could tell she was heartbroken and legitimately nervous but there was a part of me that was SO irritated. I'd worked it all out, we'd worked this into the schedule, she was going to have her own activity....and darn it, it was all crumbling in front of me. After 20 minutes of trying to coax her back into the class, I gave up. I took her home and told her maybe she could try gymnastics again when she was bigger. Now what am I going to do? I'm not going to race around like a crazy person every Tuesday to get her there just to have her refuse to participate...but I don't think it's a good lesson if I find a class with a girl teacher and let her switch (not to mention it will totally screw up another days schedule).....AHHHHHHH! Why oh why did the teacher have to be a boy????? GRRRRRRRRRR! I know, I know, we could have WAY bigger problems, and I'm grateful we don't, but seriously, why couldn't it have just been a girl???

Okay, enough whining, here are a couple pictures from today....

I borrowed Aunt Diane's baton twirling uniform for a presentation I have to give on Thursday (I won't be wearing it). Maggie is a little upset she didn't have it when she was choosing her Halloween costume, she says next year, this is it!

Monday, October 27, 2014

the best weather!

We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather lately! We've really been enjoying it. I think maybe this week is going to be a little cooler, just in time for Halloween.

Thursday night we went to see Curious George, the play. LOTS of kids from Gracie's preschool were there with their parents, it was fun to see her with her friends. Gracie loves George, but she wouldn't put her face in the cut out :)

Friday night we made a family trip to the barn. Gracie always says she wants to ride Jude, then when it's time, she changes her mind. She agreed to ride with me, then kicked me off and rode until we made her get down. She's asked about 50 times since if she can go ride again. We may have created a monster....(or another cowgirl). Maggie was so sweet about sharing Jude, she cheered for Gracie and told her how great she was doing, then when she finished Maggie told her now she was a "true cowgirl." Gracie was so proud to have big sisters approval.
That is a little saddle for our 2 rear ends!

Saturday, Arnie went to the Husker game. The girls and I made tons of applesauce, played in the leaves and had a picnic. It was a top 10 day for sure!

Gracie found a hat in the toy sure was a fashion statement :)

Everybody else in the state was watching football, so we had the whole Cowboy Trail to ourselves.

Saturday night was the annual Carlisle Pumpkin carving extravaganza....we had a great time, despite that we had to carve pumpkins :) (carving a pumpkin with a 3 year old really isn't all that great, if you want to try it out, let me know, I'll loan you the 3 year old :))...

They'd had enough carving!

Surprise, Surprise, she carved a horseshoe and a J (for Jude) :)

Sunday, Laura, Mark and Elsie came to visit. They got to go meet Jude and then went to Trunk or Treat with us at church. This was the first year we haven't had a trunk, I just didn't have time to prepare one.....we missed it, next year I'll get it together! The kids had fun and it was a great event.
Doesn't she look 10??? When did that happen?