Wednesday, March 18, 2015


On Monday night I told Gracie we were going to have I find something green to wear to her party at school on St Patty's Day....she quickly returned ready..... does she think of this stuff?? She wasn't thrilled when I told her I thought that would be distracting. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my little girls in green, but I assure you it was apparel not repurposed toys!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Busy Busy Saturday

The weather today has been PERFECT! We spent as much time outside as possible. It's going to be one of those nights when we have to scrub the tub after we scrub the kids.

We started the day with Gracie's first soccer practice of the year....

Maggie and Arnie spent some time in the barn....apparently it was "No Saddle Saturday".....Maggie was a little nervous to try it but did great and really enjoyed it.

Then there was LOTS of riding on our two wheeled horses....

Gracie decided she was ready for a bigger bike, so we put the training wheels back on Maggie's old bike....and off she went. (Don't worry, we quickly added a helmet.)

....and what day would be complete without a little baby roping! (Poor Reagan!)

On another note, I showed the girls this picture this week when I found it and Maggie wondered where Gracie and Ben were? (I was about 4 and Uncle Jeff was probably about 23)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baby steps....

It's official.....well at least as official as it can be at this point....

...this is where we will build our new house. There are a zillion baby steps between now and then, but we've taken the first couple. The papers are signed, the land is ours and yesterday we had our first meeting with the architect. I'm a bit terrified of the process but really like the architects and they seem to know how to make all my BIG dreams work on paper...I guess we'll see. We keep telling Maggie we hope to move before she's 12.....really, I hope to move before she's 10, but let's not get ahead of ourselves :)

Maggie took off looking for the perfect spot for a barn, she thought the 2nd hill was perfect.....

....she wasn't too impressed when I told her we already had one....apparently Jude has higher standards then that!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


We've spent the better part of the last three days traveling to and from Lincoln for high school girls basketball games. The Lady Panthers were supposed to get beat (like really beat) on Thursday in their first round game, so we thought that would be our only trip to Lincoln, but much to our surprise, they won....then on Friday, they won again....unfortunately last night in the championship game the winning came to an end, but for girls who had a losing record and barely made it into the tournament, a second place finish was awesome! Boys basketball has ALWAYS been a big deal in Norfolk, but to watch all the little girls in the stands get to see the big girls that they know and love be so successful was very cool. It's likely these tournament victories will still be the talk of the town when our girls are old enough to play high school basketball....."Remember that year the Panthers beat the Bunnies in the first round????" It has one 6 year old out on the driveway shooting baskets today so she can be a Panther some day!

A few pictures from last week....

Gracie had some "work" to do before we headed for Lincoln.

Wednesday night we went to Omaha to Celebrate Grandma OB's 88th Birthday! (Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the Birthday girl!)

Thursday before the game we went to have lunch with Grandma Lea and Papa. As always, there was plenty there to keep the girls busy. This time the magnifine glasses were a big hit!

Gracie and I spent Thursday night in Omaha, so she and Grandpa did some serious engineering.

Go Panthers!!!!

The weather today has been perfect. The girls will need a good scrubbing and will sleep great. We all needed a little fresh air!

The official countdown to 4 has begun....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A few pictures...

The last couple of weeks have been a little chaotic around here, but I think things are settling down now....or at least changing to a new kind of chaos.

Here are a few pictures I missed....

Last Sunday Arnie and Maggie went to Lincoln for the Husker game. They had a great time (but unfortunately didn't catch a Husker win).

This is BY FAR the closest Maggie has ever been willing to get to Herbie :)

Gracie is always ready for her get away....

I sent Gracie to get her socks on and here is what I came back too.....

Thursday was 80's day to Maggie's school. She and Arnie came up with the idea of wearing shorts over pants, they were pretty proud of themselves.

The next 2 weeks are filled with all the usual plus lots of District and State Basketball games. It'll be crazy, but lots of fun! Go Panthers!

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tennis Lessons....

Maggie was very eager to try some of the things offered at the resort. She took snorkel lessons, learned to tie die and even took a tennis lesson. She really enjoyed the tennis lessons and was pretty good at it.

Gracie was working on her line judge skills.
Gracie had clearly had enough of watching Maggie!

Bellied up to the swim up bar.....notice the smirk, this girls teen years are going to be rough on us!

By Thursday Gracie's braids were getting a little loose and itchy, so we took them out. She thought
the crazy 80's hair they left behind was pretty cool!

This is what vacation time out looks girl on each railing for time out.

Our hotel was on Grace Bay. Gracie thought the whole island was named after her. Even the grocery store was the "Grace Way IGA".

Gracie was known to most of the bartenders as the "little milk girl".....surprise, surprise!

Bye Bye beach! See you again soon!
When we got home Saturday our house was really cold, apparently one of the furnaces decided to stop working while we were was a rude awakening after sunshine and warmth! This morning it was -6 or something like that.....Gracie was right, we should have stayed there!