Monday, April 14, 2014


Passover starts today and tonight should be the Seder, but tonight we have Girl Scouts and school board. So we made yesterday Passover. I struggled to find a Haggadah (the book that tells the story of the seder, like a script) that I thought really reflected our family AND was understandable for young children, so I wrote my own. I think the girls (or at least Maggie) enjoyed it and really understood what we were trying to teach them.
The 10 Plagues, by Maggie Robinson :)

Gracie's plagues weren't quiet as well organized :)

Maggie ate a half a bunch of Parsley???? she just kept asking for more.

Negotiating for the Afikomen (hidden Matzo that the kids have to find before the
Seder can end.)

A little ice cream to end a nice evening!

Soccer & Football

Saturday morning Maggie (and coach Arnie) had her 1st soccer game! She did great. She started the game at goalie, where she stopped 2 or 3 goals....then later in the game she scored a goal! She was super pumped! She told everyone we saw all day about it.

I don't think this kick has anything to do with the game :) I think she was dancing and not paying attention!

After the soccer game we headed for Lincoln. There is a group of students from a college in England who have been visiting Northeast Community College in Norfolk and so as a part of their "cultural experience" we hosted them for the Red/White spring football game. To me it was a goofy practice with lots of weird stuff going on, but they LOVED it and had an awesome time. They took about a zillion pictures and one even ended up on the giant Husker vision screen which was definitely a highlight of their day. They told me that they only thing they have that's comparable is the Manchester United Stadium and that once the game starts it's not a "fun" place, it's very serious.

Thankfully a few friends joined us as well, so the girls had some playmates. After "kickoff" they weren't really interested in the game....

Brandon stopped by for a minute too. He has a big birthday this week so the girls had to give him some
Birthday love!

We joke about Gracie sounding like she has a British accent, she probably felt right at home
among our English guests.
They brought us a tea kettle cover as a gift....Gracie has probably never seen a tea kettle but she was
happy to wear it as a hat (and even happier that she got a laugh!)

Sunday, April 13, 2014


There are a couple of things that are inherently a part of our Little Miss Margaret....
1- If someone needs help, she is going to find a way to help them!
2- If someone challenges her to something, there is NO way she is going to back down :)

Landon Shaw is a 5 month old baby from Kansas who is fighting tumors in his kidneys and brain. More than 24,000 people have joined the Facebook group, Plunge For Landon. In it, people leave videos of themselves taking the plunge, and challenge others to do the same. The challenger donates money for each person who accepts.

Maggie was challenged by her friend Easton Hardy, and she in turn challenged all of the volunteers in our Children's Ministry at church. I tried to talk her out of it, but there was no backing down for that girl :) She is such a compassionate and caring person (and she's not going to be beat by a boy). Technically, I'm one of the people she challenged, but there is no chance I'm going to go stand in the backyard (it's dumping snow right now) and let Arnie spray me with a hose :)

Click the link below to watch Maggie take the challenge!

Friday, April 11, 2014

The corn standoff and the rest of our week...

Tonight at dinner Gracie had 2 choices, she could eat this much corn....
....and then she got to go ride her bike and go out for ice cream OR she could refuse and go to bed at 6:45....any guesses which she chose?? Yep, she's in bed. Darn it, she is so stubborn it's infuriating at times, but she has to learn who's the boss....even if it means Mommy doesn't get any ice cream :(
Maggie has had a really exciting week. Last Sunday she decided she wanted her training wheels off and she is really getting good at riding without them. She just rode all the way from the neighbors house to our garage with 2 little wobbles and that's saying something because our neighbor is probably close to a quarter mile away. I think Gracie getting to be such a good rider so quickly, was the push she needed to master 2 wheeled riding! 
Maggie's great week continued at school, yesterday, we got a note home and she was invited to take a series of tests to place her in Challenge for next year. She's super excited that she might get to be in Challenge, but is a little nervous about the 3 tests she has to take. Today, while I was in her classroom helping with a few projects, she took a timed math test, they start with 5 minutes to do 54 math problems, when they get them all right, then they get to move to 4 minutes, then 3 and so on...last week she passed to the 4 minute group and today on her first try she got 100% with time to spare, so next week she's on to the 3 minute group! She was SO proud of herself and I was really glad I got to be there to see how happy she was. It's fun to watch her confidence grow.
This was our first week as a soccer family. Because of bad weather last week, each of the girls had 3 practices this week. It made things a little hectic, but Coach Arnie and the girls had a good time. Maggie has her first game tomorrow morning and Gracie has hers on Monday. I can't wait to watch. Yesterday, Gracie went to practice with a frilly skirt on....Coach wasn't impressed :) I made sure she had shin guards, tennis shoes and leggings....the skirt was not worth the argument.

Her last ride with training wheels, right after this she asked Arnie to take them off.

Gracie decided this week that she likes bananas, that's a big step around here!

On Wednesday I had a meeting at the College ALL day. So Maggie got to go to Gracie's school for a
couple hours after school. She loved it and Gracie thought it was awesome to have her there.

Yesterday, while we were on our walk Gracie saw a squirrel sitting up on his back legs really still.
She said, "Mom that squirrel is trying to poop." Then he ran off and she said, "He got it done." Where does she
learn this stuff????

She must not be the flying kind of "swooper hero" she needs her bike to get the
job done!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our old stompin' ground....

Last weekend we made a visit to our old house. There is tons of yard work to be done before we put it on the market, so we thought we'd make good use of the nice day. It's hard to believe, but I haven't been back in that house since the day we moved to Norfolk. We've had a property manager who handled the renters and ongoing repairs and my WONDERFUL parents have spent a lot of time there getting it ready to sell, but I've mostly avoided it. I'm glad we went back and I'm glad I went in. It's still beautiful (or beautiful again, thanks to mom & dad) and I still love it, but it's time for it to be someone else's. Having the girls there made it harder to be sad. That life seems like an eternity ago, so much was different.

We also got to visit Great Grandma at the rehab place while we were there. She was getting along SO much better then when I saw her a week ago!! I should have taken a picture of Grandma....instead I got this....
We spent the rest of the day playing at Grandma and Grandpas....

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Yesterday, Maggie brought a friend home from school with her. She was so excited and kept telling us it was her first "official play date." On the ride home I heard this, "Claire, I have to warn you, sometimes my dad is a little embarrassing." Hehehehehe! He did dance around the kitchen before school and ask her if he should come do that for Claire, so I guess she was just preparing, in case :)

Gracie has been counting down the weeks until she could go to Wednesday night church with Maggie & I (she had to be 3). So last night it was finally time! She was pumped, she just marched right off down the hall....

....and she was still smiling when I went back to get her!

Monday, March 31, 2014

San Antonio....

Tonight is catch up night. I'm sure I've missed a few things, but I'm catching the major highlights :) Last week we made a last minute decision to head to San Antonio and watch the Huskers play in the NCAA Tournament. The Huskers didn't do so well, but we had a GREAT time. We watched lots of basketball, shopped and did lots of laughing. I love when things come together quickly!

Mom came to the rescue and stayed in Norfolk with the girl Friday while Maggie went to school (I think I heard she let Gracie have ice cream for breakfast, but hey, she's Grandma).

 When we got home Gracie found Uncle Deems hat in the back of the car.....I think it looks better on Gracie :)
Tuesday, Gracie and I made a quick trip to the doctor. She had been complaining about her ears....the good news is her ears were ok. The not so good news is that we found out she's iron deficient....not really a surprise, she doesn't eat much meat and almost no green vegetables....She's had black circles under her eyes for several months now, so they decided to do a blood test, she wasn't very happy about the test, but she did think the Scooby doo Band-Aid was pretty neat. Now we are on the hunt for Iron that she will eat or ways to hide it in things she eats anyway. The doctors and nurses got a good chuckle out of the Norfolk Iron kid being low on Iron....the joys of a small town.