Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We had a great weekend playing and celebrating in Omaha. Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs and did lots of playing at Mom & Dad's. Grandpa was working on the pool and it sure looked nice, I think Gracie may have jumped in if we'd let her :)

 Sunday morning we went to Church and then came home to see if the Easter Bunny had made a visit.

Sunday afternoon we headed to Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jeff's for the annual Easter Egg Extravaganza. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have :( but we had a great time and ate way too much. The girls were soooo dirty by the time we left I wasn't sure I wanted them in my car.
Trivia with Aunt Trisha!

The 7 little hunters!
Alex-7, Oliver- 3, Tucker-1, Elsie-2, Gracie-4, Ellie-4, Maggie-6
It's been gloomy and raining here all week! We're ready for some sunshine and warm weather. We are tired of being stuck inside. Reagan is moving around a little better this week, she's still on lots of pain medicine but she's acting more like herself. She spent yesterday morning at the vet having a workup we're still waiting for the results but are glad she seems to be feeling a little better.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Before Easter....

Our Easter weekend was full of great fun and lots of friends and family. Thursday night Carlisle's had an egg dying party. Thank goodness for art teacher friends.....she had all kinds of fun ways for the kids to color their eggs. They will never be happy with the boring old way again :)

Most of our kids have spring Birthdays, so Jen made them all a cake. We relit the candles and sang several times. 

Unfortunately I was a little late for the party because I was hanging out at the vet with Reagan. She blew out her knee. She was a in a lot of pain and really struggling to get around. With the help of lots of pain medicine and some rest, she seems to be feeling better. She'll have some further tests and then we'll have some decisions to make about fixing. She's no spring chicken but hopefully they determine shes strong enough for whatever repairs she needs.

Friday, the girls and I headed for Omaha, so we could spend the day with Hailie and Connor before they had to go home. The plan was to go to the Children's Museum, but we heard it was a packed house so we came up with plan B....Valentino's and bowling! It was perfect, the kids had lots of time to play and interact and they really enjoyed bowling.

I'll always be grateful for the time we get to spend with all the precious people in our lives. My girls are so blessed to be so loved and to have so many special relationships.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Birthday Weekend.

We had such a fun weekend celebrating Gracie's 4th Birthday. She loved every minute of the celebration and was a little confused about why it wasn't her Birthday anymore when she woke up on Tuesday.

We started the celebrating in Lincoln on Saturday. It was Gramma Lea's Birthday party but she was happy to share the cake and attention with Gracie.

Poor Lauren, she didn't want to have her picture taken and it probably didn't help that Maggie and Gracie
were both laughing hysterically. Maggie is holding Lucy, the youngest Pitlor cousin.
Sunday after church and a little rest, it was time for Gracie's Birthday Party. For a couple of weeks leading up to her Birthday, when I asked her what she wanted all she could come up with was "a party".  All of my cousins happened to be in town on Sunday, so it was a perfect excuse to get together and celebrate. We started the party at the BIG slides downtown and then went to Spaghetti Works for dinner.

The cheering section!

We kind of took over the slides. I labeled all the people in this picture for fun, but it's really hard to see.....several more are missing....Aunt Debbie, Mom, Dennis and all the kids! There was lots of laughter. 

When did they all get big enough to have a kids table??

The balloon lady stopped into the party room and was a hit!

All the cousins with their balloons (except Tucker, he was chasing down the balloon lady to
replace his popped sword!)
We got home pretty late on Sunday night and the partying continued on Monday. She took ice cream to school for her Birthday treats and was excited because they got to sing and eat it outside!

Daddy came to school for lunch. She was SO excited to have him there. He got to sit in a little chair and have his sandwich with all the kids. I'm sure he was a hit!

Elsie sent her flowers for her Birthday. Gracie was really excited about the flowers but she may have been more excited that
the "Flower Bringer Man" had come to the house to deliver them for HER!

Her best friend Lauren called to say Happy Birthday and they chattered on the phone like teenagers :)

Grandma & Pops came to help us celebrate. Gracie requested meatloaf, gravy, mac & cheese, cottage cheese & carrot sticks for dinner and an ice cream cake with Elsa on in for dessert.

 All in all it was an awesome celebration for a little girl and I think she loved every minute of it!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dear Gracie Tato....

Dear Gracie,
Today you turn 4! Who can believe that? You seem so grown up all of the sudden. Last week you read me a whole book, you ask for help less and less and you are more sure of yourself then ever. You are the happiest kid I know, you don't seem to let anything bother you. You have the biggest smile and the sparkeliest blue eyes, they likely get you out of trouble occasionally.

Kids flock to you, you're a good friend and you seem to really enjoy the kids at school. You LOVE to irritate your sister and you're very good at it, but you also love to sneak in to her room and ask her to snuggle you. You spent more then your fair share of your threes in time're usually pretty okay with your punishment and when it's over you return to what you were doing without a second thought.

You're a bit of a home body, you like to have your things and be around familiar people and places. You HATE to be the center of attention and are very introverted when strangers are around. You enjoy church but always have a little hesitation when it's time to leave my side. We tried gymnastics this year, it didn't go so well. You're really excited about playing soccer this spring and even more excited that Daddy is going to be your coach. You ride Jude occasionally and really want us to let her run fast.

Your favorite toys are all baby dolls, you love to play pretend with them. Your favorite place to play is outside, you'll stay out there as long as we'll let you. You love the play ground, riding your bike, sidewalk chalk or just swinging with your babies. You always have a pencil or pen and a piece of paper close, if I had to guess, I'd say you'll be quiet the artist. You like to pick out your own clothes and choose a dress almost every day. You really like shoes, especially if they are sparkly.

You are still a very picky eater. You're favorites are mac & cheese, cottage cheese, meatloaf, bologna and peanut butter & honey sandwiches. You still drink tons of milk and I'm not sure you'd survive without "brown raisins" (chocolate covered raisins). Getting you to eat a vegetable is a real victory. You've been known to go to bed in the middle of supper or miss out on ice cream for refusing to eat even one green bean.

Gracie, you have so much personality and spunk. Some days you can drive me to the end of my sanity, but I wouldn't give up our time together at home for anything. I dread the day you start school, I can't imagine my days without my little shadow. I love you like crazy and I couldn't be more proud of you. I can't wait to see what 4 brings, but I hope it brings it a little more slowly....I feel like I was just telling you Happy 3rd Birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday Gracie Tato! You are one special little lady!
Love, Mommy


Wednesday, March 18, 2015


On Monday night I told Gracie we were going to have I find something green to wear to her party at school on St Patty's Day....she quickly returned ready..... does she think of this stuff?? She wasn't thrilled when I told her I thought that would be distracting. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my little girls in green, but I assure you it was apparel not repurposed toys!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Busy Busy Saturday

The weather today has been PERFECT! We spent as much time outside as possible. It's going to be one of those nights when we have to scrub the tub after we scrub the kids.

We started the day with Gracie's first soccer practice of the year....

Maggie and Arnie spent some time in the barn....apparently it was "No Saddle Saturday".....Maggie was a little nervous to try it but did great and really enjoyed it.

Then there was LOTS of riding on our two wheeled horses....

Gracie decided she was ready for a bigger bike, so we put the training wheels back on Maggie's old bike....and off she went. (Don't worry, we quickly added a helmet.)

....and what day would be complete without a little baby roping! (Poor Reagan!)

On another note, I showed the girls this picture this week when I found it and Maggie wondered where Gracie and Ben were? (I was about 4 and Uncle Jeff was probably about 23)