Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Golf, Softball, the County Fair and whatever else I forgot....

I saw some pictures today and realized I forgot to blog about a few important parts of summer....
Maggie did 2 weeks of junior golf in June....

 On the last day she had a special guest coach :)
 There has been some tractoring....

Daddy let her drive, all by herself....yikes!
Softball season ended a couple of weeks ago. Maggie had a great time with her team. She got to play catcher a few times which she thought was exciting.

Last week was the Madison County Fair. It's a big deal around here. I had a meeting Thursday so Miss Lauren took the girls all day to watch the 4H horse events, then we all went back for the rodeo that evening and the next morning the girls and I headed back for more horse show....I think next year we are just going to take the camper and stay there. The unseasonably cool temperatures made being there all day much more pleasant then in years past.  
Gracie loved the little cows (I suppose that would be calves).

After the fair Gracie decided to run away. I'm not sure why she was taking a stroller, she only made it about a quarter of the way up the driveway, then she came back. I don't think she was mad, I think she was just trying to push my buttons (surprise, surprise!)


Arnie had a meeting in Chicago yesterday and today, so the girls and I decided to ride along. Maggie has been asking for a trip to the American Girl doll store for a long time, so this seemed like a great opportunity.

We landed and headed straight downtown. I wish I had a video of the girls as we drove into the city. Maggie has made several trips to Chicago with me, but I'm not sure I've ever taken her downtown. They couldn't believe how tall the buildings were and how many there were. I don't usually think of them as small town girls, but they sure sounded like it :)  Driving down Michigan Avenue they were in total awe of their surroundings. It was fun to experience with them.
We checked out the store (it's HUGE) and looked around, then headed for a special lunch with our American Girls. Their babies got special highchairs and their own plates and cups. Maggie and Graice both really enjoyed it.

Oh Gracie!
After lunch we headed for the doll hair salon, the babies needed a little sprucing up :)

After the salon, we did some shopping. It was pretty quiet when we got there but by the time we were done, it was a ZOO. I think it will be awhile before we go back but the girls LOVED it, so that makes it worth it.  It didn't take Gracie long to fall asleep once she hit her car seat.
After we left downtown we head for the Offenbacher's. We haven't seen them in almost 2 years so we were really excited to get to visit. The kids had a great time and it was really nice to catch up!
Tucker and Gracie were making ant soup....

....apparently Gracie didn't like the soup :)

Maggie loved helping Maeve.

Gracie got soaked from the ant soup, so we had to borrow a sweatshirt from Tucker....Her daddy wasn't
very happy about her selection!

Snack time (looks like Tucker was tired of all the girl talk).

These 2 were quiet a pair. They told us several times that they got married....uh oh!
Once Shawn was done working for the day, we headed out for dinner. It was a really fun day. We can't wait 2 years to do it again.
Once we got back to the hotel Daddy stopped by to help us carry all our prized possessions upstairs. Then the girls finally got to play with their new things.
About 6:45 this morning, Gracie opened the curtains and said "it's daytime"....and that was then end of our rest (I expect an early wake up call from Maggie, but I can usually count on Gracie to snuggle back in.)
 We decided on an early morning swim.
Then after breakfast and a trip to IKEA (Mommy's American Girl store), we met Daddy at the hotel. Last week we decided to buy a new camper, that happened to be located in Illinois, so the people we bought it from delivered it to our hotel. The girls hadn't seen it yet, so we gave them a few minutes to check it out....

....then the girls and I headed for the airport. Arnie and a very nice man who works for him are headed home with the camper as we speak. The girls were totally bummed that we weren't driving with daddy, but Jeff really wanted to make the trip and has A LOT more experience driving something that big then I do, so we promised them a ride tomorrow. Hopefully they will roll in about 10PM tonight.

The girls have been playing dolls since we got home. They just came upstairs and told me they were dressed for dinner.....
.....I'm not sure where they think we're headed for dinner????

Donation Day

Monday we made a trip to the bank to donate Maggie's Pilger money. After a week of online sales and catching up with everyone we missed at Big Bam Boom, the final total was......

The folks at the bank brought out their big check so Maggie could have her picture taken. They really made her feel special. What a great experience this has been for her. Lots of people from Pilger (and not from Pilger) have left great messages for her on her Facebook page and she's really enjoyed the whole thing.  Funny thing, she hasn't asked to sew this week :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Red, White and Blue....

We started the 4th of July with the Norfolk Parade. (You may have heard about that parade on the National news....someplace we have a picture of the float that caused all the ruckus.)


After the parade Maggie and Carly did some sewing, then we spent the rest of the day at Grandma and Pops swimming, eating and of course....blowing things up.....

We were lucky enough to have Carly & Emma stay with us for a couple of nights and Brandon was home girls were in "cool big kid" heaven all weekend!