Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tennis Lessons....

Maggie was very eager to try some of the things offered at the resort. She took snorkel lessons, learned to tie die and even took a tennis lesson. She really enjoyed the tennis lessons and was pretty good at it.

Gracie was working on her line judge skills.
Gracie had clearly had enough of watching Maggie!

Bellied up to the swim up bar.....notice the smirk, this girls teen years are going to be rough on us!

By Thursday Gracie's braids were getting a little loose and itchy, so we took them out. She thought
the crazy 80's hair they left behind was pretty cool!

This is what vacation time out looks girl on each railing for time out.

Our hotel was on Grace Bay. Gracie thought the whole island was named after her. Even the grocery store was the "Grace Way IGA".

Gracie was known to most of the bartenders as the "little milk girl".....surprise, surprise!

Bye Bye beach! See you again soon!
When we got home Saturday our house was really cold, apparently one of the furnaces decided to stop working while we were was a rude awakening after sunshine and warmth! This morning it was -6 or something like that.....Gracie was right, we should have stayed there!


Who knew? the Sesame Street Characters live at Beaches in Turks & Caicos. I guess they are smarter then they seem. The girls have never really watched Sesame Street, so I didn't think they would care. BUT Gracie really enjoyed some of the activities.

How often do you get to have Cookie Monster help place your chocolate chips??
The best view for playing Chutes and Ladders anywhere!
One morning it was a little rainy so we visited the craft room for some glitter fun!

A little light beach reading :)

One night Gracie really wanted to go to Camp Sesame for Story Time with Elmo, so it was just Arnie, Maggie and I
for dinner. She's getting so grown up!

One morning while Arnie was scuba diving, Zoey came and sat down in his chair at the table.

Turks & Caicos!

We spent all of last week in the BEAUTIFUL Turks & Caicos Islands. We had a great time. The Ocean is turquois, the sand feels like flour, the resort was great....the weather was good. We couldn't have asked for much more. Gracie told us she wasn't coming home, she was staying whether we did or not :) It'll take a few posts to share all the pictures (not actually all the pictures....come on, you know I took zillions, but at least all the ones I want in my scrapbook).

This might be my new ALL TIME favorite picture of my girls!

Maggie was asking for braids before we left home, but when we got there Gracie decided she wanted them too. It requires extra sunscreen but it also keeps their hair out of their faces while they are swimming and playing. It's not a secret that I almost always make my girls wear their hair pulled back...if braids were socially acceptable in the Midwest, it might be my new favorite way to go!

Gracie is definitely a beach kid and Maggie is our pool girl. Gracie would spend ALL day digging in the sand (and doesn't seem to mind sand imbedded in all her parts).
 ....Maggie would rather be playing on the water slides or doing flip after flip in the swimming pool.

While we were getting ready for dinner Gracie decided to try on Daddy's scuba gear :)

Maggie went to a kids snorkel lesson and then she decided to try it out for real. She was SUPER
excited when she saw her first fish.