Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and a trampoline....

Saturday morning we headed for Omaha. After checking out all the work on Grandma and Grandpa's new pool and watching Uncle Deem play soccer, we got busy dying eggs and getting ready for Easter.

 Maggie worked on a loose front tooth all day.....
...occasionally enlisting some help. She was pretty determined to get it out.
Finally, she won! Then we started questioning whether the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny could come on the same night :) Grandpa told her there Union contracts might not allow it....luckly he was wrong.

 Great Grandma Westerfield missed Gracie's Birthday party because she was busy getting a new knee (I guess we'll let that excuse fly). Saturday night she brought over Gracie's gift....she LOVES it...and apparently so does everyone else :)  When I was a little girl Grandma had a trampoline just like this in the basement, it was one of my favorite things to do when I was at her house. What a happy memory that she could pass that on to my kids.
Sunday we started the day at church, then searched for the eggs and surprises the Easter Bunny left, and then finished with the annual egg hunt and party at Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jeff's. It was an awesome day! Everyone was worn out and high on sugar by the time the day was over.

"Mom, the Easter Bunny must be tall."

Uncle Jeff was kind enough to let Alex and Maggie start moving a pile of rocks :)

Let's go find some eggs!!!!

A little cousin Ring Around the Rosie for your enjoyment.....

Happy Birthday Grandma Betti!

Last week we made a very quick trip to Arizona to celebrate Betti's 60th Birthday! We had a great time and were glad we could be there with everyone.

We did lots of playing and swimming, we climbed Pinnacle Peak, ate, laughed and enjoyed Grandma and Pop's new house.

How do you know when Papa is traveling with you.....:)

"Happy Birthday to you...."

Ready for her big climb...It was about 6:30am when I took this pictures. Thanks
to the 2 hour time change the girls were ready to get going before 5:30.


Always dancing to the beat of her own drum!

A little hotel dance party!

Friday we said lots of good-byes, then headed home for Easter.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gracie's first soccer game!

Last Tuesday night Gracie had her first soccer game! It was COOOOLLD and windy, but she was so excited she didn't seem to notice :) After the game she told me she did her "superist", "she kicked super hard", and she was the best

Monday, April 14, 2014


Passover starts today and tonight should be the Seder, but tonight we have Girl Scouts and school board. So we made yesterday Passover. I struggled to find a Haggadah (the book that tells the story of the seder, like a script) that I thought really reflected our family AND was understandable for young children, so I wrote my own. I think the girls (or at least Maggie) enjoyed it and really understood what we were trying to teach them.
The 10 Plagues, by Maggie Robinson :)

Gracie's plagues weren't quiet as well organized :)

Maggie ate a half a bunch of Parsley???? she just kept asking for more.

Negotiating for the Afikomen (hidden Matzo that the kids have to find before the
Seder can end.)

A little ice cream to end a nice evening!

Soccer & Football

Saturday morning Maggie (and coach Arnie) had her 1st soccer game! She did great. She started the game at goalie, where she stopped 2 or 3 goals....then later in the game she scored a goal! She was super pumped! She told everyone we saw all day about it.

I don't think this kick has anything to do with the game :) I think she was dancing and not paying attention!

After the soccer game we headed for Lincoln. There is a group of students from a college in England who have been visiting Northeast Community College in Norfolk and so as a part of their "cultural experience" we hosted them for the Red/White spring football game. To me it was a goofy practice with lots of weird stuff going on, but they LOVED it and had an awesome time. They took about a zillion pictures and one even ended up on the giant Husker vision screen which was definitely a highlight of their day. They told me that they only thing they have that's comparable is the Manchester United Stadium and that once the game starts it's not a "fun" place, it's very serious.

Thankfully a few friends joined us as well, so the girls had some playmates. After "kickoff" they weren't really interested in the game....

Brandon stopped by for a minute too. He has a big birthday this week so the girls had to give him some
Birthday love!

We joke about Gracie sounding like she has a British accent, she probably felt right at home
among our English guests.
They brought us a tea kettle cover as a gift....Gracie has probably never seen a tea kettle but she was
happy to wear it as a hat (and even happier that she got a laugh!)