Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Last night Maggie was a featured speaker at an Entrepreneurship Success Summit. It was a talk show style interview. She's been very excited about it since they called and asked, I've been a little nervous about it. I just wasn't sure how she'd do in a room full of adults, the 6 other interviews were adult business owners. I had nothing to worry about, she did great, wasn't nervous for even a second and of course wowed the crowd. She was very impressive and SUPER proud of herself.

Here is a video of her interview.....

Maggie's Success Summit Interview

Testing out the chair before her big moment.

Answering questions at the end (I think she got more individual questions then anyone else.)

Gracie made her an awesome sign when she got home.

Besides the success summit, Maggie also had her very last appointment with the hand doctor. She is cast/splint free and loving having her hand back full time!

Yesterday Gracie and I were playing with letters, I left the room for a minute and when I came back, this is what I found.....notice the stacked up letters, they were spread all over and mixed up when I left. We joke that she has OCD....I'm not sure it's a joke!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Headed South....

Maggie had a day off of school on Thursday, so we used it as an excuse to spend the weekend in Arizona. It wasn't quite as warm as we hoped (or packed for) but we had a great time.

We played, golfed, shopped and just enjoyed a few days away.

Thursday we went to leave for lunch and Maggie hollered for help from the bathroom....she'd gotten dressed that morning in such a hurry she hadn't noticed she put 2 pairs of underwear on :) how she made it all morning without it bothering her is beyond me. Silly girl!

On Friday morning Gracie wanted her toenails clipped, I told her we'd do it a little later....she waited a few minutes and then said "can we do it now, my thumb toe hurts." In our house big toes will forevermore be called thumb toes....try and say that without laughing!!

Arthur needed a little fresh air!

When in Arizona....

....I can't imagine why Pops thought she needed some help!

It was chilly outside, but the girls still wanted to watch for Daddy and Pops on the golf course....

Surprise, Surprise....Maggie ordered a steak for dinner. Arnie mentioned how nice it was when we were on the Disney Cruise that someone else cut her steak every night, so the Head Chef came out of the kitchen to cut her dinner for her :) There are certain perks to your Pop's being President of the Club Board! The Chef made certain we knew he'd NEVER done that for anyone before.

She may end up on a watch list someplace! This is one of those pictures that comes back to haunt you when you run for office someday...but she's so cute!
Here is the newest installment of the annual of these days all put them all together....we've come along way in10 years.
Thanks for a fun time Grandma and Pops!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I hate when I let weeks pass without updating. I got my blog book for 2014 put together last week and I was so happy to be able to look back and see what we'd been up to....if I don't get my act in gear I won't have much to look back on for 2015. I have to keep up!

Anyway, pretty normal around here. Maggie is wearing a splint now instead of a cast....unfortunately they couldn't come up with a small enough splint for her, so they made one....out of a it still looks about the same. This one has a slit up the back so we can take it on and off for showers, bed, etc. She's enjoyed the freedom and I've enjoyed not having to bathe her :) Hopefully next Tuesday we will get the official ALL CLEAR and be done with it.

A couple of weeks ago Maggie had her first official Snow Day! Arnie shut her alarm clock off, so it caused a little panic for her in the morning when she woke up late....but then we did what everyone does on snow days, went out of ice cream and got hair cuts :)

I'm sure tons of funny things have happened that I missed sharing them....that's why I have to make time to write them down! Today when I picked Gracie up at school she said, "Me, Lillian and Miya tried to sit together today, that didn't go so good. The teacher separated us.......twice." Then she laughed. If Maggie has to tell me she got scolded at school, just telling me is usually punishment enough, Gracie apparently thinks it's hilarious.
When it was 30 below, I tried to be nice and let the cat in....didn't last long, but Gracie was
taking full advantage! She's potential going to be a crazy cat lady some day :)

who knows??

Calli, who cuts Gracie's hair, put these "super high" pig tails in when she was done....and
Gracie has asked for them every day since!

Silly girls trying to pass the time at a basketball game!

Maggie is still loving Girl Scouts.

She was waiting for her cast to dry, so they could cut it off and make a splint.

Gracie's school had a couple of "snow days" last week. She was soaked and exhausted when
I picked her up. I can't imagine much worse then wrestling 50 kids into snow pants and mittens!

The day before the last cast got cut off Maggie had a few more friends sign it, they figured out
that gold and silver sharpie looked pretty cool. We'll note that for next time :)

brrrrrrrrrr!! There were some pretty cold days in the barn. Maggie is looking forward
to having her hand back for riding, but she's done really great without it.

Gracie new favorite thing to do is take selfies....if she has my phone in the car there are always several dozen to check out.

We went to Omaha last weekend to check on Aunt Bobbie and to celebrate Deem and Mark's Birthdays. Saturday we made a trip to the play place at Mahoney. We all made several trips through the maze!

Deem actually asked for that ridiculous hat for his Birthday....Gracie took a liking to it and has been missing it this week.

Gracie's super high pigtails have graduated to Minnie Ears :) She also wanted me to be sure I pointed out the sparkly purse and shoes....such a girly girl!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to reality...

The last week of Christmas break was so nice. The girls and I slept late, we hung out in our pj's, we played games and put together Christmas toys....and then MONDAY came! Back to getting up early, making lunches and rushing everyone around and out the door on time! UUUGHHHH! and it's no help that it's FREEZING around here.

We spent New Years Eve playing cards with friends....I think it was likely my first and last Pitch experience....I'm terrible! Thursday we made a last minute New Years Day trip to Lincoln to visit Grandma Lea and Papa. It's always great to see them and they love having he girls visit.

Friday we hung out in Omaha. Maggie and I went to the hospital to check up on Aunt Bobbie, she was doing great. I'm not sure Maggie had ever been in a hospital, except when Gracie was born. I think all the machines and the big long hallways made her a little uneasy. She did great, but you could tell she was doing lots of thinking.

Did I mention it's been cold? Someone snuck Peanut in the house to warm up. (I wonder who it was???)

Lots of projects going on around here!

HAPPY 2015!!! They were all still going strong at midnight!

You never know what you might find when you visit Grandma Lea and Papa's. Maybe some puppets and an M&M man.....

Yesterday when I picked Gracie up after school, she wanted to show me how she does her drawers. She picked an easy one, so I could "practice". I can't believe how much she's learned this year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas is in the books!

Christmas is in the books...but I'm not quiet ready to take down the decorations yet, so they'll stay a little longer. We had a great Christmas week. We were in Omaha for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, then we headed home to get ready for the Westerfield Christmas sleepover.  

Maggie commented yesterday that she can't believe Santa knew she wanted a bike for her doll, even though she didn't tell him. Gracie quickly replied "that's because Santa knows everything, just like me and Lillian." So apparently Santa has been welcomed to the 'know it all' club.

This morning Maggie had to visit the hand doctor. Her thumb is still pretty different looking, but he decided it's healing and there is no reason to put her through surgery and pins. The hope is that as she grows it will look less crooked and he thinks she will have all the mobility and use back in it either way. She was thrilled to get a new (purple again) cast, and this time her thumb nail sticks out, so she's pretty sure we should paint it.

Annual Christmas Eve lunch at Danny's. It just wouldn't be Christmas without greasy burgers!

Pretty girls are ready for Christmas Eve.

Waiting to see if Santa came. When I went into the girls room to see if they were awake, Gracie asked me if
Santa come, I told her yes. She was visibly relieved and said she was going to rest a little more before she got up. I guess
as long as he came, she didn't think she needed to rush out of bed.

Santa brought Gracie a school desk and a scooter for her doll.

Santa brought Maggie a new bike (with HAND BREAKS), a bike for her doll and Oakley sunglasses.

Listening to Great-Grandma read the Christmas story at Aunt Joyce's.

Uncle Mike made Maggie her very own button box. She started sorting the big bag of buttons right away. There have
been lots of hard decisions about how to sort size, by color....decisions, decisions :)

Uncle Deem helped Gracie with some new legos.
Saturday morning we woke up to a few new inches of snow, so when the Westerfield's arrived for Christmas we did some extreme sledding :)

Yesterday the girls went to the office to judge the annual Christmas ornament contest. Maggie takes great pride in her judging and delivering of the you can see, Gracie is a little less committed :)

The girls had a swimming Birthday party to go to last night. We found this waterproof cast cover on Amazon, and since we knew she was getting a new cast today, we decided to give it a go. The cast cover worked great....until we took it off so she could use the restroom and she forgot all about it and jumped right in the pool! ooooppps! She caught it quickly and once she was reassured that it wasn't going to hurt her thumb, it was just going to be a little uncomfortable, she covered it and headed back in the water. Between the hairdryer and the vacuum it was pretty dry by the time she went to bed (but it sure did stink!)

This morning she got a new cast. It had to be purple again so it could match Jude's halter. We had to wait a little longer in the doctors building for it to dry all the way. It's so COLD out today it would have frozen if it was still damp.
We've are blessed to get to spend the holidays with so much great family and friends. I can't believe how fast it all goes. We have another week of Christmas break, so there will be lots of time to play with all our new toys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!