Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Darn it!

Saturday morning I was headed for Grandma's house when Arnie called and diverted me to the Emergency room at Children's Hospital. Maggie and Gracie were playing 'barrel racer' in the basement at Mom and Dads and somehow they both landed on Maggie's thumb.

You could tell at first glance it was pretty bad. Xrays confirmed her thumb was broken. The doctor gave her a local anesthetic, straightened it back out and put on a bright purple cast. Maggie was so tough and brave through the whole thing. I was pretty sure I was going to faint a couple of different times, but I'm happy to say, I didn't!
She and Arnie watched a lot of YouTube videos of the National Rodeo Finals while we waited.

That middle bone is supposed to be straight.....OUCH!!!!
Daddy helped hold her fingers up while the doctor put her cast on.

Thumbs up!! She wasn't real thrilled that they cut off the sleeve of her shirt, she was even
less happy when I told her there was no way to sew it back on.

She went back and had a couple more xrays after they were all done. She was pretty
drugged by then.
Since Saturday she's done awesome! The only thing she's figured out she can't do is tie her shoes and button her pants. BUT armed with sweatpants, Velcro shoes, some modified tshirts, a reengineered coat and one bright cast mitten she's off and running!
 ....getting on Jude was tough the first time, but once she was up, she was good to go.
She had barely exited the hospital when she was ready to have people sign her cast (it's pretty full now). Sunday she had a special signer....she saved him a big spot in the middle.
After school today we will visit the hand doctor just to confirm that everything is staying still and that the cast is doing it's job. Hopefully after that we'll know a little more about how long she'll be putting up with this.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Gracie has 2 very good friends at school, Mya and Lilian. We hear about them all the time! Several times a week Gracie asks if we can have a playdate with Mya and Lilian...She always gets the same answer. "Maybe sometime I will be able to meet Mya and Lilian's parents and then we'll see". I don't know their last names, who their parents are, where they live...you know, really anything about them.....The other day Gracie's response to my putting her off again was "can't you just find them at Mya.com and send them a note?" She sure does crack me up....so far our email to Mya.com has gone unanswered :)

CLARENCE CAME!!!! (and a few other pictures)

Last Wednesday night while the girls and I were at church....CLARENCE CAME!!! The girls had been speculating whether or not he'd make his annual appearance....and he sure did. I wish I had recorded the drive down the driveway, the were squealing and giggling all the way.

Clarence put up all the inflatables from years past and added a new Olaf! The girls love him. He also left his signature life savers in the mailbox :) It was an awesome surprise!

And a few other pictures and notes....
Gracie's been pulling her socks up like Grandpa....and delivering lots of mail....not always at the same time.

Maggie's been working hard at making her own eggs for breakfast. She got the hang of it pretty quick.

The other night Maggie and I watched a movie with a typewriter in it, true to her nature she had a
million questions about the typewriter. So we Youtubed videos on typewriters so she could see how it worked. :)

I love having the Christmas lights on when we come home in the evenings. It makes the house look so warm
and cozy!

Programs, Programs, Programs!!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks full of Christmas Programs at our house. It's nice to have them all behind us and have a little down time before Christmas comes and goes.

Last Thursday was Maggie's school program. She'd been working very hard on her songs and practicing them for us regularly. It was fun for her to have Grandma and Pops and Grandma, Grandpa and Deem in the audience to watch....
A couple of Maggie's school friends, Harlie & Kiera.

The day after the school program the Saturday Morning Girls Basketball group got to dribble at half time of the high school girls game....Maggie takes these things very seriously and spent some time in the garage practicing before the game.

Then Sunday was the big church Christmas Program. Both girls got to participate this year and while it is a HUGE and EXHAUSTING undertaking, it is fun to see them enjoy it. I never know what to expect with Gracie, but she was super excited, she wanted her hair curled and was all in when it was time to walk up on the "big stage".
All ready to go.

Over Gracie's right should is Lauren, her "BFF" (just ask her).

Maggie's spot was a little harder to get pictures of....where's Waldo?

Grandma, Grandpa and Deem made the trip back to Norfolk and this time Uncle Mark
Aunt Laura and Elsie came too. My kids are lucky to always have such a great cheering section. Maggie's
group on Wednesday nights was in charge of decorating the stage, so she helped make the trees behind them.

After the Christmas program Gracie got to go home with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days....she had a great time and was pretty unhappy to see me on Wednesday when she had to come home. From the pictures they sent me it looks like she was a busy busy girl!

She and uncle Jeff made this car (or at least that's what she told me)....she's been pulling it around the house
all week. Who needs new Christmas toys!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Well, Hello December!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. The lights are up inside and out, there are a few projects coming together here and there and before we know it, it'll be time to start baking....(or not, we all know that's not my strength!)

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. EVERYONE was home, so Mom & Dad's house was a flutter of activity on Thursday. I think there were 35 of us for dinner, that's both my Grandma's, and all my aunts, uncles and cousins. That's pretty amazing to consider and not something that most kids can say. It was total chaos....but the good kind of chaos.

Before we left for Omaha, Maggie had to shop out another batch of collars! She will have some exciting
news to announce about those soon!

We also got the tree standing...right before I took this picture I found Gracie standing on the TOP of the ladder!

When we got to Omaha Wednesday our first stop was the bridal store, to try on flower girl dresses for
Nate and Bri's wedding. I'm going to have to hide them when they get here...they will want to spin in them everyday.

Thursday everyone got involved in the preparations. Maggie learned to polish silver (then asked why
anyone would actually have silver.)

Gracie made her famous Jigglers. It's a secret recipe :)

Grandpa and Maggie continued there tradition of stuffing making. Maggie prides herself on being
the Chief Plopper!
Maggie and Grandpa took a break to cut some boards for me. Those aprons are multi-functional.

Tucker and Oliver got a Black Russian Terrier puppy last week. He is
SO cute and reminded us of how little Reagan was. Somewhere along the line I think they are cousins. Reagan
didn't seem impressed :)

KIDS table!

Maggie found a new use for her dog collars!

No Arnie, you can't keep him!!
I was so excited to get all these goofballs in one picture....then I realized Elsie was already gone....it was almost the perfect Great-Grandkid picture....next time!

Silly, Silly Girls!
When we got home Saturday, the weather was great, so the girls decided to "play one more round".

Maggie was excited to share Jude with Gracie again.

We got the big tree decorated....

....and the Pinkalicous tree!
This month will fly by. We have school and church Christmas programs already this week and the Amazon boxes are arriving regularly! I love Christmas time....I just hope we don't let it fly by too quickly.